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ACM20110 – Certificate II in Animal Studies – $1,500

  • Work in the Animal Care Industry (ACMGAS201A)
  • Assist in Health Care of Animals (ACMGAS205A)
  • Feed and Water Animals (ACMGAS204A)
  • Participate in Workplace Communications (ACMGAS202A)
  • Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices (ACMSUS201A)
  • Participate in Occupational Health and Safety Processes (ACMOHS201A)
  • Provide Basic First Aid for Animals (ACMGAS206A)
  • Complete Animal Care Hygiene Routines (ACMGAS203A)
  • Source Information for Animal Care Needs (ACMGAS208A)
  • Provide Information on Companion Animals, Products and Services (ACMGAS209A)
  • Provide Basic Care of Dogs (ACMSPE304A)
  • Provide Basic Care of Domestic Cats (ACMSPE305A)
nrtCourse Length: 12 months
Course Cost – $1,500
Payment Option

Pay $500 at the time of enrollment
Pay $500 two months after enrollment
Pay $500 three months after enrollment

Refund policies apply