Certificate II

ACM20117 – Certificate II in Animal Studies – $1,500

  • ACMWHS201 Participate in workplace health and safety processes
  • ACMGAS201 Work in the animal care industry
  • ACMGAS202 Participate in workplace communications
  • ACMGAS203 Complete animal care hygiene routines
  • ACMGAS204 Feed and water animals
  • ACMGAS205 Assist in health care of animals
  • ACMSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • ACMGAS206 Provide basic first aid for animals
  • ACMGAS208 Source information for animal care needs
  • ACMGAS209 Provide information on companion animals, products and services
  • ACMSPE304 Provide basic care of domestic dogs
  • ACMSPE305 Provide basic care of domestic cats
nrtCourse Length: 12 months
Course Cost – $1,500
Payment Option

Pay $500 at the time of enrollment
Pay $500 two months after enrollment
Pay $500 three months after enrollment

Refund policies apply