About Us


Animals on Course (AoC) was founded in 2012 by Laura Brady and Debra Millikan with the goal of helping to promote humane training and education in the Animal Care industry.  At AoC we believe that animals deserve the best standards of care and handling possible and hope to instill that in our students.


At AoC we aim to engender a student community environment that promotes positive and harmonious interaction between staff and students.  Through the employment of dedicated, caring and committed staff we aim to establish and maintain the positive working environment students require to succeed.

We aim to promote a sense of self-discipline and responsibility in the learning environment and we respect the right of all learners to a sound educational experience within a learning environment.

Our Commitment to You

To our students we commit our time, energy, efforts and skills.  Our students are every bit as important as the subjects they are studying and our aim is to care for our students who will in turn be learning to care for the animals in our community.

About the Director

About Laura

Laura has been a high school teacher for 18 years and has a postgraduate qualification in Special Education as well as her Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment.

cat_carrier200Laura has lived with animals all of her life and was given her first cat Snowy at the age of 2.  In 2008 she adopted a miniature poodle named Harvey, and soon discovered that he had some behavioral challenges he would need help to overcome.  This led to her doing some research about the best options available to help Harvey and formed her desire to become a dog trainer to help other dogs and their human families.

Laura has Certificate 4 in Companion Animal Services and has volunteered with a range of animal care organisations in Australia and the United States.

Laura has a strong interest in developing animal care education and believes that the more we understand animals the better we are able to help them.